Back in the Saddle...By Chaplain Steve Lee

There’s an epidemic of violence in our sin-sick world…Sitting in his hospital bed, Chicago PD Officer Steve Boyd told me it was a miracle of God the bullet didn’t kill him.  Two robbers held up the off-duty officer and one told the other with the gun, “Shoot him!”  When the other suspect fired, the bullet cut the femoral artery in Steve’s leg, often a fatal wound.  By the grace of God it didn’t kill him.  I prayed with him for a rapid and full recovery and gave him a Peace Officer Ministries “Tactical Edition” Bible.  I keep in touch with Steve.  Please pray for him, and include critically wounded Officer Tim Jones, victim of another shooting.  As I said, an epidemic...

     Tough times in Flint, Michigan, including St. Paul Lutheran Church and School.  The dedicated pastor, principal and staff do their best to give their diverse mix of students a good education and the love of Christ.  Our newly formed QRT recently delivered FOUR TONS of bottled water to help provide them safe drinking water… Pray!

     Unbelievably tragic—4 Mississippi officers shot on a hostage situation, one fatally.  On a side trip from helping on-scene at tornado-ravaged Convent, LA, I traveled to Byram, MS, and gave five of our Peace Officer Ministries Bibles to Bureau of Narcotics Director Samuel Owens and his top two lieutenants to share with their affected officers and families… Pray!

     When the tornado hit Sugar Hill RV Park in Convent, LA, 2 people were killed and over 30 injured.  With team support I brought ministry on-scene to three devastated families… Again, pray!

     For friends familiar with Peace Officer Ministries—still a ministry partner—we’re back in the saddle again.  For our new friends, welcome to the QRT!

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