Of Pirates, Pushovers & Partners by Chaplain Steve Lee


     In May, at the invitation of Peace Officer Ministries’ Executive Director Rev. Frank Ruffato, my wife Elaine and I traveled from Chicagoland to Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, where we visited the annual “Christian Law Enforcement Chaplaincy—Theology and Practice” training course (peaceofficerministries.org).  We had a productive—and fun!—fellowship time.  I had the opportunity to dust off some “shoot-don’t shoot” skills from my law enforcement days on a classroom laser range, and was privileged to speak at the evening banquet about chaplaincy and critical incident response work.

     I spoke of our duty to be faithful in today’s increasingly anti-Christian culture.  Using the humorous negative example of Veggie Tales’ “We Are The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything” song as an illustration (check it out online), I encouraged attendees to DO something—to put some skin in the game and give a bold witness to the Gospel.  Don’t let the world dictate to us when to speak, what to say, and how to pray!  If we cave in to pressure to sit down and shut up as Christians, we will be pushovers—pirates who don’t do anything.  If we are faithful, the world will label—and libel—us as pirates, when in truth we are the Lord’s partners (Philippians 1:5).

     As bad as our world is today, it was worse for Christians 2,000 years ago when they turned the Roman world upside down for Christ (Acts 17:6), and gladly paid for their faithfulness with their lives.  God calls us to be His “pirates” for the sake of souls—to recapture from Satan what that actual pillaging pirate stole from us!